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          The Bartók Hungarian Dance Association has been operating in the Calgary area for over 40 years.

          Bartók’s commitment to training young children and the development of comprehensive folk-dance skills and Hungarian folk culture is evidenced by the breathtaking magic of their performances.

          Dedicated to educating, nurturing and providing opportunities for children to express their artistic abilities, Bartók is thrilled to have performed at the Calgary Stampede, Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival, Heritage Days and numerous other events.

          Our unique program offers four ensembles (KisTücsök, Aprók, Bartók & Szülők) to meet the needs of differing ages and backgrounds to experience the joy of authentic Hungarian Folk Culture.

          We pride ourselves on our dedication to the authentic Hungarian folk culture.  This includes dance, song, music, customs, costumes, games, and so much more!
          In addition to giving performances, our dancers gain valuable training in self-discipline, confidence, poise, teamwork and the richness of our Hungarian culture.  Dancers enjoy meeting and getting to know other children who share their interests.  Lifelong friendships are nurtured here.

          We have Sunday rehearsals for each of our four ensembles.  "KisTücsök" (Babes) are children 2 to 5 years of age.  “Aprók” (Little Ones) are children 6 to 9 years of age.  “Bartók” are children 10 to 18 years of age.  "Szülők" are adults 19 to 99 years of age.  These four ensembles require very different material and teaching techniques, best suited for the age and maturity of the children involved.  Of course, there is more advanced material and techniques for the teenagers, as well as for the adults.

          We have numerous performance opportunities throughout the year, including the Fourth Street Lilac Festival, Mother's Day, Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival, and various Hungarian national celebrations.


  1. The Fun-Loving
    The Fun-Loving
    Irisz knows when to have fun and when to be fun. She has ways of motivated and inspiring children. If she has a choice between silliness and seriousness and; silliness always wins! Let's get to the fun!
  2. The Professional
    The Professional
    Irisz has both the experience, and the knowledge. Her in-depth insights into the Hungarian Folk Culture is a gift to our children. And she has the techniques to share what she knows; an incredible combination!
  3. The Performer
    The Performer
    One of our goals is to have the opportunity for our children to perform to an audience. Irisz is a teacher, a choreographer and a performer. She has won awards in Hungary for her inspired creations.